quentincoyote: (Bala blink)
2017-04-12 07:01 pm


So, with this whole russian thing, I am considering nuking my journal as well. I'm a bit torn, since all my friends that are still here are, well.. still here.

And, just when I'd kinda gotten back into writing again. (I know, I sort of stopped three quarters of the way through a story. Funny thing is, I was using that, as I often do, to work out my pain. Thing is, I wrote all that, and it worked, my pain got worked out, but it happened before I got to wrap the whole thing up into a nice little bow. And I kinda felt like I just would rather move on to something else, than polish up a past I was done with, anyway. But, I digress...

But, where to move to? For those times that I do want to write long form again. FA? Eh.. I have a hard time with the social networking aspect of that.. I wish there was a way there that you could separate who you want to watch for Art, and who you want to watch for Journals, instead of just lumping everything in together that way. Maybe, this Dreamwidth thing I'm hearing about, by some of the creators of the original LJ? I dunno, what does anyone (that's still here and reading this) think?

Anyway, just wanted to at least put this here lest you wander why even this maybe goes poof suddenly.