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So, I started scrolling through my friends list today, in the first time in forever, and I started thinking to myself, ok, there is one feature that twitter has that I wish lj did, and that is a "like" button, so that I can make my friends aware that I have read and acknowledged their posts, quickly, without actually needing to come up with something to say.

And then I thought... Ugh, no! That is *exactly* the goddamned fucking problem, and what twitter has done to us - is slowly, subtly, make us stop actually speaking to each other. I *want* to speak to you guys, I miss you!

I just started writing this out on a whim, whereas I wouldn't have even bothered on twitter, and oh my god... it feel so good! Fucking. more. to. come!

[addendum] Oh, and look! I can actually come back and make fucking edits if I fucked something up, or come and add more things if I think of them later! And, any comments you guys might make, that I might want to come back and reminisce about years from now, will still be right here, instead of lost to the ether after a few days forever. Fucking epic! who could have thought! :D

[addendum 2] So, I discovered that lj does in fact have a like feature.. But you know what? I have decided that I am not going to use it. If I want to make it known that I have appreciated something that they have said, then I am going to do so by actually saying something to them, and giving them a real comment.

How ya *like* that??? ;-P *drops the mic*
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